Unm Consortium Agreement Deadline

The UNM Consortium Agreement Deadline is approaching quickly, and students who are planning to take classes at institutions other than the University of New Mexico need to be aware of the requirements for submitting an agreement.

To begin, a consortium agreement is a contractual agreement between two or more institutions that allows students to take courses at one school while still being enrolled at another. For example, a student enrolled at UNM might want to take a course at a community college in their hometown during the summer. They would need to submit a consortium agreement to ensure that the credits they earn at the community college will transfer back to UNM and count towards their degree.

The consortium agreement is due by the end of the first week of classes at UNM, so it is important to start the process well in advance. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Determine which institution(s) you will be taking courses at.

2. Contact the registrar`s office at each institution to obtain a consortium agreement.

3. Fill out the agreement completely, making sure to include all necessary information about the courses you will be taking and the dates of the term.

4. Submit the completed agreement to the UNM Office of the Registrar by the deadline.

It is important to note that a consortium agreement is not a guarantee that the credits will transfer. Each institution has its own transfer policies, and it is the student`s responsibility to ensure that the courses they take will be accepted by their home institution. However, a consortium agreement does help to streamline the process by ensuring that the credits are reviewed and evaluated for transfer.

In conclusion, if you are planning to take courses at institutions other than UNM, it is important to be aware of the consortium agreement deadline and to start the process well in advance. By following the steps outlined above and communicating with the registrar`s office at each institution, you can ensure a smooth transfer of credits and stay on track towards your degree.

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